New Kid on the Block

Note: See my mailing address here. It’s changed again (the number at the end of it is new). 

Welcome to my new place in Siem Reap.  Come inside!



I’m the kind of person who needs to be unpacked, organized and feel like I have a cozy home. So, I spent some time getting all that in line.

The new place is similar in living standards to what I’ve had the past two years: no hot water, no air-conditioning, no fridge or other kitchen appliances, one space for the bed and desk, one bathroom, small kitchen. It’s a nice place in the middle of the city 🙂  It came furnished, including brand new floors.

From my front porch:

The building and entrance:

Developing-World Security Barrier (broken glass bottles plastered into the top of concrete walls):

Around my Block (all within a few steps of my apartment)—

My Laundry Place:

My Favorite Neighborhood Restaurant:

My Favorite Neighborhood BBQ:

Other Shots Just Outside my Door:

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16 Responses to New Kid on the Block

  1. Kyle says:

    Good lord you made the room look like a home!

  2. Sherri Thompson says:

    Wow! Travis the new place looks great! You did wonders to make it look like HOME!!!
    Did you already get a wedding picture from Cathy??? I so glad the move is over and your new journey can begin!!!!!! Love and miss you!!!!!!

  3. Diane Thompson says:

    Your new place looks awesome! I’m so impressed with your decorating skills! Does anybody in Cambodia have hot water and air conditioning? That just blows my mind!
    Enjoy your new place AND your new adventure! Love you

    • Some people have hot water and air con. It’s possible to have those things for sure. But, for my purposes it’s just easier not to install those things since I’m already used to not having them. And, it’s usually so hot that a cold shower feels good 🙂 Love you too!

  4. Sandy sadler says:

    Travis your new pad is fabulous!!! I know you were so wishing that we were there to boss you around and over decorate!!! Lol!! But really it looks “cozy”, very comfortable, and love your bathroom!!!!! Sooo happy for you!!!!

  5. rjofparis69 says:

    I love your new “digs” Travis! It does look very inviting and cozy! The restaurants ~ I’m sure you must live there to appreciate them ~ but I know some of the food is very good ~ right ~ it’s all in what each of us becomes accustomed to, soon developing our own “favorites” list! I know you have another wonderful adventure ahead of you and will continue to be a huge blessing to many! Love you! Aunt Becky

  6. stevealcorn says:

    A nice view of your new home…….We enjoy hearing from you and seeing about life so far away.

  7. Cathy Davis says:

    Love the new apartment. It loks fabulous! And I love all the views and seeing what surrounds you. I do wish we could have been there to help, but I don’t think it could have turned out any better. I mailed a letter and a family wedding picture on Monday. I still had the first address you had listed, so I hope it gets there okay. Love, Kaki

  8. Wildcat says:

    Nice shoilet. I do not understand why we do not use those in America. Place looks great. You got room for Sandy and I?

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