Other Projects

I’ve been busy in Puok, Cambodia. In addition to teaching English every day at Puok High, I’m doing things outside the classroom too.

Click the links below to see pictures and videos of some of my work with students and villagers.

The Map Project (April/May 2012): My students and I paint a giant mural of Cambodia on the Puok High School wall.

The Norman, Oklahoma Tooth Fairy (June 30, 2011):  Distribution of toothbrushes and a workshop on how to brush with young students in Coat Tamay Village.

HOPE: Amazing Student Art (March 3, 2011):  The traveling student art gallery comes to Puok.

HOPE: An Art Adventure (January 11, 2011):  My students create art for the traveling art gallery.

GIRLTALK (June 10, 2011):  I form a girls’ club to prepare for a province-wide girls’ health camp in September 2011.

GIRLTALK:  We Helped Build a House (August 30, 2011):  I take the girls’ club to help build a house with Habitat for Humanity in Puok.

GIRLTALK: Camp Snapshots (September 11, 2011) We complete our Siem Reap Girls’ camp.

Welcome to the Club (November 6, 2010): I form an English-speaking club that focuses on speaking and learning about American culture.

Love Letters From Mrs. Thompson’s Class in Oklahoma (March 23, 2011):  My students correspond through letters and video with my mom’s class in the United States.


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